I was wondering if there was a way to edit terrain in Voxel Farm similar to what is seen here:

All I seem to be able to do so far is just single click cube addition and removal. I would like to hold the mouse down and smooth sculpt like in the this possible at all with Voxel Farm?

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It is possible but may require you to do some degree of custom coding.

The first thing you need to notice about the video you posted above is that it is using very large voxels compared to Voxel Farm default settings. If you do not need higher resolution for your voxels and what the video shows is fine for your project, you can increase voxel size in Voxel Farm. Then the default edition toolset may be all you need for terraforming:

In case you want higher resolution voxels, and to use sharp terrain features, or voxel instances, it may be necessary to create a custom terrain layer that does not contain any sharp features so they react properly to the blob-like behavior shown in the video. Please contact us directly and we can assist you.
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I stopped using voxelfarm months ago and went with another solution mainly because of the need for this smooth voxel edition and the need to be able to remove tree and grass instances at runtime. Please provide information regarding either one of these so I can consider switching back.
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