Tried several times with new projects in VS. Every time there is no visible change in VS. The materials look exactly as at start. Is there anything overt I could be doing wrong? Do I need to reinstall VS?

Thanks for any help.
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When instances do not appear on top of a material, it is usually one of these:

a) The planting rule settings are too restrictive for the instance to appear

b) The mesh to be used as an instance is not properly linked to the planting rule, or not properly set up

c) The planting rule is for a submaterial (or layered material). These are not getting instances in version, but it is fixed in the next release.

You can send us your project to support at and we will take a look at it. We should be able to pinpoint the reason why the instances are not showing.
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After each custom of materials or texture. Keep in mind to refresh your project to be sure is applied to instances too.

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Thanks to ncpaddler for writing up a really good tutorial on how to get this working:

Gonna' try it tonight.

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