So there is this thing that bothers me about the continent generator. First: I have a hard time finding a template that isn't overrun with mountains, it'd be nice to see something changed about that.
New Project Wizard 7_8_2018 10_54_25 AM.png  Standard temperature, and the winds are at default all set to North. New Project Wizard 7_8_2018 10_52_12 AM.png  But this is the end result: a continent full of mountains (unlike the template sample in the first screenshot), and for some reason, if there is a variety in temperatures,  it usually has Tundras in a very inconvenient spot, and usually it's attached to the desert.New Project Wizard 7_8_2018 10_52_06 AM.png 

Might I make the request that:
  • Mountain ranges be defined to cover a % of the landmass?
  • Biomes be excluded based on user input?
  • Make a version of the continent generator that is meant for only a few biomes, 1-4? (Or however many you see fit)
  • If a list of biomes is pre-defined, you can technically make any (mountain) variation of a biome fit the location of the mountains, and have the appropriate corresponding biome surround it. You can still use your generator, but without the full list, any missing biome from the list that it would place in a corresponding area would be replaced by the closest biome responding to it in temperature. Just a thought.
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