1. In UE 4.20 I can look in a few Trees like I only see the inside - does not matter from which angle.
Also the collison for trees is incorrect. I had the same problem with my own tree,assets.

2. How can I change the frequency of gras in the forest demo?

Need help
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1) We have not seen this behavior before. Trees are not rendered by Voxel Farm, at this point they are standard UE4 assets. If you drag-drop the same tree model from the project contents into the scene, do you also have inverted normals?

2) You can change instance frequency in Voxel Studio for the grass material. First, you must locate the planting rule that spawns the grass and then adjust the density parameter (a 0..1) range.
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1. No, by drag & drop it looks normal.
as I said just a few trees that spawned have this problem. Is it because of the rotation -90° to 90°?
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