Hi ! 

The title says it all, is there any support for Unity 2019.2 planned or in the development pipeline ? 

Maybe with support for HDRP or URP ? 

Unfortunately i tried to import a voxelfarm project today and so far only the built in pipeline seems to be supported as well as heaps of compilation errors (probably related to the old networking subystem ) are produced in 2019.2 ..

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Hi Gluber,
We do not support HDRP or URP as of now, but for your compilation errors, it is because their networking module HLA has been moved from their api to a package that you can install. So you can simply open the package manager and type HLA so that you can install it in your project, and your errors should be gone by then.
If you encounter any other issues with 2019.2, please let us know.
Thank you for your feedback.
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