Hi again !

Thanks for the previous input. I have started to work in earnest with the Unity integration of Voxel Farm.

I am also in process to port the plugin to support HDRP ( as far as i can see most of it is just porting the shaders over ) 

However i am running into some very weird issues:

I can't seem to get a scene working from scratch in Unity.. I followed the instructions in the documentation but my exported map just won't show up ( I set the world origin etc correctly ) 

However here is where it gets weird... if i import in addition to the voxelfarm plugin package the voxelfarm example package as well, take a scene from there and just change the bundle name to my exported bundle then everything works..... I can then remove almost everything except the VoxelFarm Client Prefab from this example scene and it continues to work... 

However when i remove the example assets from the project again ( keeping the modified scene ) than everything stops working again ... Could it be that the VoxelFarm plugin requires some resources from the Example projects implicitly ? 

The project is setup in 2019.2.4 with the legacy render pipeline for now ( i tried 2018.4 as well, same issue ) 

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And no errors are printed to the log as well ..
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Hi Gluber,
The plugin would not require the examples in order to work.
But what is probably happening, is some configuration being different by default in the client than those clients in the examples' scenes.
Hopefully, the documentation can help you starting a new project in Unity from scratch.
Any remarks / feedback is appreciated as well if you feel so.
Let us know if you still have issues.
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