I did a first person character starter template
I added a toon biome and exported.
Got everything working right.

I added SetBlockLineOfSight and StampBlock to the project on EventHit.  

I am able to remove material successfully (most of the time). I have the projectile be destroyed after impact. 

When I shoot it at the ground, the project is destroyed, and sometimes it seems like 0.1 to 1.0 seconds before the 'empty stamped block (v mat=0)' is removed. 

I think the mesh isnt being updated quickly enough?  Or is it a LoD issue?  I've even seen it to where It appears to only update after I physically moved?  Even though I have SetCLipmaview focus to my character?

Any thoughts?

After further attention, it appears it has to do with baking/updating not happening fast enough. Perhaps the I just need to spend more time tweaking the defaults for larger resources dedicated to cell/baking/etc...?   Anyone have recommended ones?  Is the source available for DestroyTheBlocks so I could just use whatever they used? 
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We recommend baking from 5 to 20 cells at once. Also the number of "Cell Registers per Frame" should be at least twice the number of work units. And, for minimum edition lag the Start LOD should be at 2.

In cases where you have experienced 1-second lag, were you moving as well and was the engine doing work? Sometimes all work units could be busy processing chunks for the next scene. We do assign a higher priority to edits, but still, the work units need to complete the work they are doing. How many work units do you have?

Unfortunately, we cannot share the source for the DTB project since it contains assets we cannot re-distribute. I will ask the team about the values used to set up this demo.
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