When I run the water in the scene using Voxel Studio, the water moves and has seemingly less seams.

When I run that same water in the Bundle demo however, the water is static and the seams seem to be worse (See screenshot).

What rendering call is being used by Voxel Studio? Is it different than the VoxelFarm::GL:: drawScene() function? How can I solve those seams?

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The rendering calls are the same, and the shaders are almost identical. The geometry produced for each cell by Voxel Farm contains additional strips of triangles that are useful if you do not want to produce or draw seams at all. Normally these are discarded by the shader (or by the geometry upload process like the cases of Unity and UE4 plugins).

Both Voxel Studio and OpenGL demo shaders discard these fragments by doing this, right at the stat of the main() function:

float a1 = vertexType;

if (a1 < 0.3)
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