I am wondering if the voxel farm plugin will work with level streaming and world comp? Currently I plan to have my world designers build small floating islands then comp everything together via level streaming/ world comp. do you think this is possible with voxel farm indie?
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We have not tried this. Voxel Farm's approach is to have a single monolithic game world. Unlike UE4, Voxel Farm uses 64bit, so there is no need to segment your game world into smaller compartments.

You can see in our "Making of the Citadel" video ( how a single level in UE4 contains a dense city that spans for kilometers without using level streaming or world composition.

If you must use UE4's level streaming and world composition with Voxel Farm content, it may be very well possible. It is not clear at the time how many active instances of the Voxel Farm actor you will have. Ideally, you would not need to create multiple instances as a single instance will be able to provide proper content no matter where the focus is.
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